1. Copy paste the youtube URL making sure not to use any link shortening or the ‘where it came from bumf’  that’s stuck on the end. The instructions are in red in the ‘Post Video Options box’ where the link goes.

2. Copy and paste the title so it will be the same as it is on your youtube video. Directly after the title put a dash (-) and the author of the video. For example:

Whisper #1 – Introduction – WhisperHub    * note also that I write the name as it appears on youtube

3. Select all categories that are appropriate for your video

4. Add relevant tags to your video

5. Copy/paste what is entered on youtube as the video’s description and paste that into the text box.

6. If you have time also fill in these details in the ‘All In One SEO’ at the very bottom as this helps with the search functions on the site and on Google